Belcourt School District #7 Culinary Arts Teacher (one-year only) in Belcourt, North Dakota

Culinary Arts Teacher (One-Year Only) Category: Turtle Mountain Community High School/TeacherDate Posted: 9/1/2017Date of Availability: 11/06/2017Date Closing: 09/15/2017VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTPOSITION DESCRIPTION TITLE: Culinary Arts Teachers (One-Year Only)QUALIFICATIONS: A valid North Dakota State Board for Vocational Education, Vocational Credential A valid North Dakota Trade and Industry Teaching Certificate All secondary trade, technical, and culinary arts instructors shall complete 36 clock hours or 3-quarter credit hours of approved pre-service vocational education teacher education. In addition, they shall obtain approved in-service vocational teacher education credits until a total of 21-quarter hours have been acquired. The total of 21-quarter hours must be acquired within a four-year period.TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: 182-day contract (4 hours a day, part-time position)EVALUATION: As required by NDSCC and Belcourt School District #7PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: The Culinary Arts Teacher will:Be able to write objectives for class offerings to update established objective planning the lesson according to those objectives consistent with an appraisal of student needs, requirements of TMCHS curriculum framework, and knowledge of human growth and development.Be able to follow and adapt course objectives using the state vocational curriculum and the local school curriculum.Design and administer proper tools of evaluation, which motivate and enable each student to achieve learning objectives.Possess competency to work with and between the educational institution and local food service venues.Be the individual responsible for gearing those training experiences to prepare the students with the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills required for the job.Set up the advisory committee and work with them on an established basis to implement, evaluate, and improve the program.Request the acquisition of appropriate supplies and equipment necessary to reach the objectives.Maintain a positive learning environment within the classroom.Maintain a safe classroom, enforcing the student handbook.EXTRA-CURRICULAR DUTIES: The teacher may also assist as an advisor or coach for an organization, homeroom, class, or athletic team or function as a department leader. Also, the culinary arts instructor will be a Vocational and Industrial Club of America Advisor.