Farm Employment Services Sow Farm Manager in Engelvale, North Dakota

Objective:Supervise functions associated with the breeding and farrowing performance of farm and collaborate with Farm Owner's and Management Company to meet herd's productivity and cost of production objectives.Qualifications:3 years of breeding and farrowing experience Personnel Responsibilities:1.Supporting Farm Owner's and Management Company decisions, policies and leadership being provided to all farm personnel.2.Collaborate with Breeding Manager and Farrowing Manager concerning scheduling and organization of daily personnel activities.3.Supervise and perform production tasks required in breeding/gestation and farrowing barns.4.Assist in recruiting farm personnel.5.Timely give feedback and perform written evaluations of farm personnel.6.Train farm personnel how to successfully perform all tasks involved with farm management.7.Timely schedule farm personnel work days and ensure time off is fairly and consistently allocated.8.Maintain low farm personnel turnover rates. Production Responsibilities:1.Daily care of breeding stock and piglets.2.Providing proper environment for animals in farmComputer controllers set accuratelyAir inlets adjusted accordinglyDrip cooling or cool cell systems set properlyHeat lamps and piglet comfort zones meet piglet age requirementsPit plugs pulled timely and pit's recharged to minimize pit gases and odorEnsures barns are kept clean and manure buildup behind sows is minimized3.Animal nutritionEnsure fresh feed is available and spoiled feed is dumped out dailyGet sows up at each feedingFeed levels timely adjusted to meet sow's body condition requirementsEnsure piglets receive adequate amounts of clostromEnsure adequate water flow is availableMaximize lactation feed intake4.Follow herd health and bio-security protocolsVaccination protocols timely performedSow and piglet treatments are done on a timely basis5.Ensure proper animal husbandry of all animals in farmTimely euthanize suffering animalsRemove dead animals to rendering or compost area timelyEnsure that farm personnel move and handle animals properly6.Meet farm production targetsEnsure enough females are being bred to meet farrowing targetMaintain high farrowing rates and minimize non-productive sow daysMaximize number of piglets weaned per sowOptimize health and quality of wean pigsMaximize herd efficienciesControl breeding stock culling and replacement rates Facility responsibilities:1.Timely perform routine building and equipment maintenance2.Address issues that may cause an un-safe working environment3.Enlist outside contractor assistance to repair mechanical breakdowns beyond basic maintenance performance and obtain Management Company pre-approval to complete repair projects of significant cost4.Ensure that work area is kept picked up, clean, neat and orderly5.Assist in keeping office, supply rooms, generator room and storage areas clean and orderly6.Ensure farm's manure storage system is operating according to local and state requirements.7.Ensure dead animal composting area is operated according to local and state requirements. Administrative Responsibilities:1.Keep Management Company timely informed of status of farm productivity and personnel2.Ensure sow cards and production forms are timely and accurately completed3.Daily complete production summary reports4.Submit production reports to office on expected schedule5.Ensure sow tag number and sow card information reconciles6.Timely project pig weaning schedule and breeding stock flow7.Managing supply inventoryEnsuring an adequate inventory of products are available on farmCollaborate with Management Company to ensure cost control of supplies being purchasedCollaborate with farm personnel to order feedMinimizing semen wastage by ordering semen to meet breeding projections8.Utilize production and financial reports to identify opportunities to improve farm's productivity and profitability Other responsibilities:1.Be willing to respond to and adequately handle emergency alarm calls2.Per