CANKDESKA CIKANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE Coach/Mentor in Fort Totten, North Dakota

JOB DUTIES and RESPONSIBLITIES:Serves as a mentor to the Teachers and Teacher Assistants.Implement Creative curricula in the classroom.Perform the functions of this position with a strong understanding of the Head Start Performance Standards and the component plans; and thorough knowledge and application of Developmentally Appropriate Practices.Cooperate with other staff and classroom groups to maintain the smooth functioning of the classroom.Meet bi-weekly with director and coordinators to exchange information pertinent to the identification and services of children with disabilities.Meet with the mental health consultant monthly to discuss mental health needs of children.Attend staff training and meetings, including Policy Council and parent meetings as requested.Works with Teachers and on occasion with Teacher Assistants to develop and improve their skills and abilities in planning and carrying out classroom activities, including Teaching Strategies Gold, CLASS, cultural inclusion and disabilities/mental health needs.Assist in conducting the daily health and environment checklist.Assist in implementing children's I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan) or I.F.S.P. (Individual Family Service Plan) seeking clarification for any aspects that are not well understood.Assist in recruiting and orienting parent volunteers, providing them with guidance as needed.Oversight:Review teachers' lesson plans, schedules, room arrangements and portfolio assessments, etc. to assure their accordance with Head Start requirements;Develop and deliver pre-service and monthly in-service training sessions to teaching staff;Provide designated child development workshops to parents;Identify and prioritize materials and equipment needed in classrooms and playgrounds, and coordinate with Director in making purchases and implementation into classrooms;Lead responsibility for implementing Family Literacy Program;Lead responsibility for parent involvement in education services as per HS requirements;Coordinate the transition of children to Kindergarten or Pre-K, and from Early Head Start and/or child care programs.Actively participate in the development and implementation of the Teacher and Teacher Assistants professional development plan.Assure that files are complete, accurate, and confidentially maintained.Perform other duties, as may be required.