St. Alexius Medical Center Home Medical Equipment (HME) Technician in Bismarck, North Dakota

Home Medical Equipment (HME) Technician


GPRS - Bismarck Support Services


Full Time




Job Details:

Under the guidance of the HME Supervisor and Assistant Director, the HME Technician provides technical support and assistance in the HME department. These duties include but are not limited to; assisting customers, stocking, processing of equipment, pulling equipment and supplies, delivery of equipment and supplies, and freight in and out.Education: High School diploma or equivalent. Licensure: None required. Experience: Must possess the skills and aptitude required for said position. No experience required. Interpersonal Skills: Well developed written and oral communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively. Physical Effort: Heavy work - Infrequently lifting 100 pounds maximum and frequently lifting 50 pounds or less. Hours of Work: Work day hours, on call as assigned and weekends as assigned. Other: Potential exposure to mechanical, chemical, electrical and infectious environmental hazards. Able to respond and perform effectively if an unforseen immediate job related need arises. Able to respond in stressful situations. Able to respond in a hospital or departmental related emergency.