Thrivent Financial Regional Learning Specialist in Fargo/Moorhead and Surrounding Areas, North Dakota


Summary• Regional Learning Specialist will be a central resource for FR development providing training, support, coaching, training and guidance. Incumbent will partner with the corporate field development team to ensure alignment across the organization.• Delivers, organizes and monitor training and development opportunities across their region to help FRs build a sustainable business aligned with Thrivent’s mission and standards.• To do so they will collaborate with RFO and corporate partners to share field needs, leverage existing development resources and implement training.

Job Description

Deliver, Coordinate and Monitor Training

  • Monitor and Assess FR needs and determine what development support is recommended and available in coordination with RFO leadership and corporate Field Development.

  • Deliver and manage training on core competencies to new FRs progression through a consistent development experience that results in proficiency in core competencies including but not limited to advice, sales concepts, products, technology and business ownership acumen.

  • Coordinate training and development opportunities for all relevant sales tools and technologies used by new FRs/most vet FRs, such as Salesforce, eApp, etc. Does not include tools for advanced planning, brokerage, etc.

  • Coordinate local experienced FR development opportunities to introduce new or develop existing skills.

  • Partner with corporate and field leaders to implement enterprise-wide training initiatives, (i.e. MoneyGuidePro, new products, Salesforce Relaunch). This will include participation in train-the-trainer events and training of field leaders and staff as needed.

  • Champion and integrate key organizational messages into local training events.

Alignment and Leverage Across Organization

  • Serve as the key local hub collaborating with corporate and across regions to develop and implement training plans within financial and time constraints.

  • Understand and leverage enterprise resources (both people and tools), ensuring alignment across RFOs, driving toward using the best approach for specific training content and maximize use of existing resources.

  • Regular communication and collaboration with corporate Field Development team to highlight needs and improve training programs.

Characteristics of Ideal Candidate

  • Passionate: Enthusiastic about developing others: passionate and enthusiastic about helping others understand and use new tools/technology to improve their business practices

  • Personable: Works well with people in large groups, small groups and one-on-one; able to relate to them and understand how to help them meet learning objectives

  • Credible: Understands what it takes to be a successful FR, both in sales process/methods and systems/technology

  • Adaptable: Flexible, agile and amenable - aware of own social or communication style and able to flex as needed

  • Competent: Well versed in Thrivent Financial Advice process and aligned with our goal to deliver holistic advice and solutions in the member’s best interests. Understands Thrivent tools, systems, products, and processes.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

  • Licensing: State Life and Health License, FINRA Series 7, 63/65 or 66 required or obtained within 90 days. Need to be licensed and registered in the region that they work.

  • Satisfactory background check and clean compliance record.

  • Understand the role of the FR and the proficiencies and activities required for success; ability to deliver training with the needs of the FR in mind.

  • Excellent group facilitation and classroom management skills; ability to deliver high-impact training on a variety of topics and systems.

  • Excellent planning/organizing skills

  • Proficient in use of technology – able to teach, model and coach utilization of essential hardware and software (BYOD, printers, Outlook, Salesforce, WeThrive, Illustrations, E-App, etc.) and able to use technology needed for teaching (Adobe, Skype, etc.)

  • Excellent collaboration and relationship building skills

  • Models and promotes the use of the Thrivent Financial Advice Process, Salesforce, e-App, Illustrations and other Thrivent tools/systems; aligned with our goal to deliver holistic advice and solutions in the member’s best interests is preferred.

  • Ability to integrate and work with different viewpoints and work styles to achieve results.

  • Ability to balance and prioritize different objectives held by various stakeholders.

  • Flexibility to travel within the RFO (may include overnight),conduct business during evening hours and occasional visits to home office for FR training and personal development

Key Dependencies and Relationships:

  • Regional Leadership Team; vet FRs; new FRs; RFO staff; corporate recruiting, launch and practice management teams.

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