Salvation Army Driver/Baler in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Position Summary Responsible for the daily pickups of items to be donated to The Salvation Army in the Greater Grand Forks area, as well as the bailing of discarded clothing items and assisting in the Thrift Store. This is a regular part time position with a workweek expectation of 25 hours per week. Essential Duties and Responsibilities Drive or ride along in truck to pick up merchandise. When riding, perform spotter function outside the truck each and every time the truck is backed up. Assist in loading and unloading the stores truck, customers vehicles, and/or donors vehicles. Ensure that the bags and bales on the truck are stacked properly to prevent any mishaps or safety incidents. When driving, conduct daily pre-trip inspections of the vehicle, maintain the interior and exterior of the truck, both cab and box, in a clean and safe condition, monitor and schedule routine maintenance to include DOT inspections and alert the supervisor of needed repairs or safety concerns. Operate the vehicle in safe manner and in compliance with The Salvation Army Fleet Operation Manual. Evaluate all donated merchandise for its possible use and determine whether to accept or reject the donation. Politely refuse unacceptable items. Issue receipts for donated items per store policy. After training, perform clothes baling operations in a safe manner (operate baler, move/stack bales which weigh up to 250 pounds). After certification, operate forklift in a safe manner, ensuring all stacked items are safely stacked. Monitor and schedule routine maintenance and alert the supervisor of needed repairs or safety concerns. Assist with maintaining the store to include: wash windows, dust, clean bathroom, and vacuum and mop floors, carry out trash and other janitorial duties as necessary. At the end of each work day the sorting room, dock and work area will be cleaned and swept. Maintain positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a manner that fosters good relationships with customers, donors, co-workers and supervisors. This includes but is not limited to such actions as: resolution of conflicts in a professional manner; courteous treatment of staff, visitors and customers; respect of others property and person; and professional and appropriate communication to and about customers, donors, co-workers and supervisors. And all other duties as assigned. Realizing The Salvation Army is a member of the Christian church, employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and project a positive image consistent with the above mission statement. This includes appearance as well as verbal communications and other behaviors. It should be clearly understood that nothing less will be accepted.