Forx Builders Association Executive Officer in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Forx Builders Executive Officer Job Description: Serves as Chief Administrative Officer, recommends and participates in formulation of new policies and makes decisions with the Board of Directors within the bounds of existing policies. Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates staff, programs and activities to ensure the goals and objectives are met. .....Answers directly to the Board of Directors and number one goal is to ensure a good relationship with current members and always looking to generate new membership.Duties, Responsibilities and Authorities: 1. Informs Board of Directors including Executive Committee and all other Officers on the conditions and operations of the Association. Attends all Board meetings, Committee meetings, General Membership meetings and all events before, during or after hours pertaining to the yearly business of the Forx Builders Association.2. Maintains the assets of the Association and investments in accordance with the established policies and as directed by Board of Directors.3. Prepares minutes, agendas, and reports for all Board of Directors and all committee meetings.4. Executes all decisions made by Board of Directors except in cases when assignments are made specifically by the Board.5. Manages the administrative operations of Association and develops, with the assistance of the Board of Directors, specific policies, procedures, and programs to carry out.6. Directs and coordinates all approved policies, procedures, programs and major activities of Association.7. Recruits, trains and motivates staff.8. Works diligently to maintain and retain memberships with weekly visits.Visit three current members each week and report on the visits to the Board of Directors at monthly Board Meeting.Identify current incentive program to existing members if they find new members.Promote Local, State and National Association events and programs to members during visits.9. Works diligently to acquire new memberships.Reach out to 10 new prospective members per month and provide a list to the Board of Directors at monthly Board Meeting.10. Fosters relationships with ALL members to ensure the wants and needs of their member privileges are being met.11. Promotes and enlists members to actively participate in all Associations volunteer positions and functions12. Maintains effective relationships with public and private organizations to ensure the interest of the Association is realized.13. Works with the Board of Directors to recommend an annual budget within the confines of established guidelines.14. Insures that all funds, physical assets and other property owned by the Association are appropriately safeguarded.15. Serves as Executive editor official publications.16. Develops education programs to advance the professional skills of the membership, operating within the budget and program objectives.17. Develops and coordinates legislative, regulatory and political efforts and maintains relationships with government officials and agencies impacting the industry. 18. Plans and executes all communications to the membership.19. Acts as liaison with NAHB, attending all official meetings and Executive Officers Council Seminar20. Safeguards Confidential information as it applies to the daily functions of the Association and Members.21. Carries out all other general responsibilities as may be delegated by the officers of the Board of Directors.22. Attend all State Meetings of the State Board of Directors.23. Attend 2 National meeting per year and all Executive Officer meetings at those National meetings.24. Work closely with the State and National levels to maintain our good standing and foster a healthy working relationship.25. Work closely with administrative assistant to ensure that all day to day business is completed in a timely and efficient manner.