Land O' Lakes Parts Manager - North Dakota - Northwest in North Dakota


New Holland Experience Preferred A few years of parts experience preferred

65-80K a year depending on experience

The counter salesperson will sell, distribute and market store items and related products in a manner that will optimize the cooperative’s market share and savings, improve the cooperative’s efficiency, help achieve the cooperative’s mission and goals and result in outstanding customer service.

Position Responsibilities
The counter salesperson’s responsibilities involve sales, service, inventory, maintenance, and other duties as assigned by management.

The counter salesperson will maintain a positive attitude that promotes teamwork within the cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative.

The counter salesperson will actively meet and greet every customer every time. Thank every customer for their business at the end of every transaction. Ask customers if they need any help as they browse the store.

Reports to Parts Department Manager

Sales involves assisting in establishing sales goals and developing and promoting a marketing plan, making proper recommendations and applications of products sold, knowing prices of products and services, maintaining the current market share, and assisting in developing competitive marketing strategies.

_Assist in establishing sales goals_
1. Work with appropriate employees and/or the manager to establish monthly sales goals 2. Work with management to establish yearly sales and gross margin goals

_Assist in developing and promoting a marketing plan_
1. Work with management to develop a marketing plan

_Make proper recommendations and applications of products sold_
1. Know and use all resources necessary to make proper recommendations and applications of products sold 2. Correctly identify resources for assistance 3. Keep resource manuals accessible and current 4. Ensure no product problems result due to your recommendation or installation 5. Attend all product updates and training sessions

_Know prices of products and services_
1. Be aware at all times of the cooperative's prices on commodities and services and review with your supervisor as needed to keep abreast of pricing

_Maintain current market share_
1. Lose no customers due to careless performance 2. Keep all customers supplied with product mix that fulfills customer’s needs

_Assist in developing competitive marketing strategies_
1. Provide your supervisor with periodic reports of current competitor’s strategies when known 2. Assist in developing plans to counteract competition, with supervisor's approval

Provide and promote the service necessary to meet the department’s goals. 1. Enforce regulations to ensure an even flow of product to accounts 2. Introduce new products and programs 3. Suggest and detail benefits and features of related products 4. Within authority, handle claims and complaints promptly 5. Follow quality control guidelines to assure maintenance of product specifications 6. Ensure all services provided assist in achieving department profitability 7. Lose no customers due to services provided by the department

Manage inventory levels. 1. Follow the system for monitoring and controlling inventory levels that results in minimal shrinkage 2. Check in-shipments for accuracy against the delivery ticket, proper quantity, price as ordered, and quality 3. Strive to get 3 turns on commodities 4. Clear out obsolete inventories annually 5. Assist in maintaining a fiscal year-end inventory not to exceed 35% of sales 6. Assist in maintaining inventories at levels to assure service with a minimum of delivery delays, yet maintain inventory turn goals

Maintain property, facilities and equipment. 1. Ensure property, facilities and equipment remain in good repair and appearance 2. Make recommendations on replacement, additions, or deletions of facilities and equipment when needed and/or economically justified 3. Maintain a clean and orderly store 4. Arrange seasonal displays 5. Lose no customer due to unsatisfactory equipment performance 6. Wear a clean approved uniform daily and be personally neat

_Other Duties_
The store sales clerk will uphold cooperative policies, perform other duties as assigned by management, and will enforce and uphold the cooperative’s credit policy.

_Uphold cooperative policies_
1. Uphold all cooperative policies

_Perform other duties as assigned by management_

1. Work well and effectively with co-workers, supervisors and other cooperative departments 2. Support and follow department policies and goals

_Attendance and Dependability_
1. Report to work on or before scheduled time. 2. Can be relied on to stay on the job

_Enforce and uphold the cooperative’s credit policy_
1. Make credit terms known to all employees and customers 2. Do not charge to customers on COD – it is employee’s responsibility to know who is on COD before making a sale or delivery product 3. Do not extend credit to customers who have not been approved by the credit manager – it is the employee’s responsibility to know if a customer has credit privileges 4. Do not authorize customer charges that exceed set credit limits – it the employee’s responsibility to know customer credit limits 5. Keep all personal accounts current

Qualifications: for your next career opportunity.

/Candidates must be eligible to work in the US as well as meet the qualifications listed above in order to be considered for the position./*

Primary Location: US-North Dakota
Job Function: Agronomy
Organization: Co-Op Talent Management
Job Type: Experienced
Job Posting: Feb 6, 2018
Contact Name - External: Ag Business Recruitment
Contact Email - External:
Req ID: 180037