ProPoint Cooperative Automotive Tire Worker (Auto Tire Worker) in Rhame, North Dakota

Position ObjectiveTo sell, distribute and market auto parts, lube oil and related products; to sell and service automotive, truck and farm tires; and to provide auto mechanical service in a manner that will optimize the cooperativeand#39;s market share and savings, improve the cooperativeand#39;s efficiency, help achieve the cooperativeand#39;s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.Position ResponsibilitiesThe mechanicand#39;s responsibilities involve sales, service, inventory, maintenance, and other duties as assigned by management.The mechanic will maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative.SalesSales involves assisting the department manager in establishing and achieving sales goals.Establish and Achieve Sales Goals1. Establish and achieve sales goals for shop products and labor income as identified in the annual budget2. Ensure all parts, equipment, and labor are accounted for3. Use work orders or other means of accounting for all work done ServiceService involves providing friendly and efficient service and making recommendations for products sold.Provide friendly and efficient service1. Greet all customers enthusiastically and promptly2. Change oil and filters, grease cars, and perform other work as requested by customers3. Sell replacement TBA items, such as belts, wiper blades, batteries, filters, and related products4. Sell, install, and service tires5. Handle all customer complaints promptly and follow through until a solution is achievedMake proper recommendations for all products sold1. Identify resources for assistance and keep manuals accessible and current2. Study and understand recommendation charts3. Make no recommendation or installation that will result in a product problem4. Maintain an excellent working knowledge of the complete lube oil line5. Attend all product updates and training sessions as requested by managementInventoryInventory involves maintaining adequate inventory by reporting needs to management.MaintenanceMaintenance involves maintaining service bays and the display area, and pricing merchandise properly. Maintain service bays1. Keep equipment in good mechanical condition and wash as needed2. Sweep and wash grease room floor at least once daily3. Keep tools, equipment, and walls clean and free of grease and dirt smudges4. Keep customersand#39; cars clean and free of grease and dirt smudges5. Wear a clean uniform daily and be personally neat6. Follow regular cleaning and maintenance schedule provided by managementMaintain display area1. Maintain a clean and orderly inventory and display area2. Arrange seasonal displaysPrice merchandise properly1. Ensure that all merchandise is properly pricedOther DutiesThe mechanic will uphold cooperative policies, perform other duties as assigned by management, and will enforce and uphold the cooperativeand#39;s credit policy.Uphold cooperative policies1. Uphold all cooperative policiesPerform other duties as assigned by management1. Perform duties as requested by managementEnforce and uphold the cooperativeand#39;s credit policy1. Make credit terms known to all employees and customers2. Do not charge to customers on COD3. Do not extend credit to customers who have not been approved by the credit manager4. Do not authorize customer charges that exceed set credit limits5. Keep all personal accounts currentSWJL # 521443